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About Me

Vivek Patil was pursuing his Engineering when he stepped on the stage of India’s Got Talent and since then has never looked back. Today, Vivek has been practicing his talent for more than 4yrs.His talent also makes him India’s Only Light Painter.

Apart from being Light Painter, Vivek also hold his expertise in Sand Art, Speed Painting and Speed art. He shot to fame when he won against the 'Entertainment Ke liye Kuchh Bhi Karega' Contestant in the face off round. His unique talent astonished the judges and guest judges. His Independence art work at India's Got Talent has garnered numerous appreciations, giving his confidence a boost to try new artwork every time. His recent brush with success was when he appointed to launch the 'Got Talent' logo in his artistic way on the live stage and a chance to portray King of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, in front of SRK himself..

Light Art

The Light Art is drawing on a big luminiscent area by ray of light. It is a live performance, where is possible to create various images, interactive stories ,from simple drawings to realistic portraits in front of the audience.
Another kind of live art completed by music, connection which is an experience full of emotions and surprises. Animated story arises and ceases after a while - leaves no one untouched.

Excellent choice for all indoor and outdoor events.

Technical Requirements : Only thing, which we need for the performance is a darkness. Otherwise it is not possible to see what is happening on the Canvas, also we need a wooden frame of size (12ft * 7ft ) on which we paste our luminescent painting canvas and a black cloth to cover the frame.

Sand Art

Sand Art is actually drawing in a sand by hands. All this is happening on a specially designed table, which has underlighted glass top. Another kind of live art completed by music, connection which is an experience full of emotions and surprises.

Excellent choice for diversification of parties, celebrations or cultural, sporting or corporate events. Even in the Sand Art we are able to make any story based on a Client´s ideas. We also offer workshops and rent tables specially designed for drawing in the sand.

Technical Requirements : We need atlas 50% darkness and a Camera Setup ( top view ) and a Led Screen or Projector to project the sand art.

Speed Art

Another type of Artwork in which client customised any type of Portrait or a object painting. in this Artist will draw any customised reverse live portrait in 5-6 mins. suitable for indoor and outdoor events.

In our performance we work with various techniques: Glue and Glitter painting, two colour painting, multi colour painting, uv painting or even simple pencil speed art. We are ready to achive your requirements and possibilities.

Technical requirement : only a wooden frame of size ( 6ft* 4ft )

TV Shows & Celebrity Gallery

Our Team

Mr. Jeeshan
Official Manager

He manages all our client relations and handles all commercial and account related aspects of my work.

Miss. Sonia
Creative Head

Works out all visual thematic and creative storyboards of various customised acts

Mr. Rishikesh
Performer / Technical Advisor

He is a speed paper cutting artist and overlooks all technical work of our performances plus related production.

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